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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
3 months to go.

7 Lovelorn Princes from DRAGONS BEWARE

We call these guys the Seven Lovelorn Princes. In Dragons Beware, they each compete for the hand of Marie, and get caught up in the adventure. They are from left to right, Prince Bruno the Brawny; Prince Marcel the Musical; Prince Sargent the Simple; Prince Savoy the Sour; Prince Victor the Vain and his brother Stephane the Stumbler; and Prince Henri.

The Lovelorn Princes Make a ladder for Claudette

Prince Henri the Nice




Our great publishers, FIRST SECOND BOOKS just announced their Spring offerings, including our second book, DRAGONS BEWARE.  This May!


Story Corp Animation – Story Board by Rafael

I love the work from the Rauch Brothers, and they’ve been doing wonderful animated versions of Story Corps interviews.  Here’s a moving story of an older brother re-connecting with his younger siblings.  Rafael did the storyboards.  It’s called A GOOD MAN.




Geek Dad’s Exclusive Cover Reveal of Book 2

Rafael and I are thrilled to be able to announce a few things…

1) Book 2 will be called DRAGONS BEWARE!

2) Want to see the awesome cover – drawn by Rafael, colored by John Novak, and put together by Colleen AF Venable? Geek Dad has an exclusive cover real. You can go here.  (Thanks, Jonathan H. Liu for the nice words about our first book).

3) It will be out in Spring 2015.

4) We are currently working on book 3.

Talk soon!

Parlez-vous français?

Parlez-vous français?

Scene from a Parisian Comic Book Store. A friend of ours holds up a copy of Giants Beware from the shelves of a comic book store in Paris. Yay, our book is now available in French! “Chasseuse de geants” — Which I think translates as Hunter of Giants.

We Love Zita!

In honor of Zita last epic adventure, Rafael drew this Claudette-Zita crossover…

A little Claudette=Zita crossover!

BLRG! As Ben Hatke brings the adventures of our favorite spacegirl, Zita to an end, we’d like to remember her greatest moments. For me, I can never get this image out of my head. It’s from early in the first book, when Zita, an ordinary earth girl, gets miraculously transported to a planet far away with many strange creatures.  One of the first creatures this girl encounters is a giant slimy snail who proceeds to run her over. What’s the girl’s reaction? “BLRG!” There are a million ways to react to being slimed but for some reason, “BLRG!” Seems perfect to me. BLRG sort of means, ‘that was pretty disgusting, but I can take it.’ BLRG is what tells you this ordinary earth girl is about to have an extraordinary journey through space and slime. BLRG! Go Zita!

page  from Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

page from Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

Signed, Sealed, and Almost Delivered….







Sick boy with moose cap next to me. Using him as desk for pages

When we last checked in… Rafael was finishing the art (which looks beautiful) This week it was my turn. I had to do a pass at all the lettering and do my last pass at rewriting before turning it into First Second. The catch? I have a sick son at home today (virus + strep throat = poor guy). And so as he napped (with a bucket for vomit nearby and chicken and rice soup cooking in the kitchen) I finished my last pass at the words of CLAUDETTE BOOK 2 with the printed out pages on top of my boy, the computer on my lap, and poised to grab the vomit bucket at any stirring. *

Okay, the words are done. The picture are done. And now it’s time for the world’s greatest colorist to take his turn. John Novak. It’s your turn.

* Funny enough, there was no vomit. The kid just looked like he was going to. He looks better now.


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