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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
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just in time for the sequel ‪#‎DRAGONSBEWARE‬, you can win a copy of our first book ‪#‎GIANTSBEWARE‬ over at Goodreads! Go HERE.


Character Files: THE APPLE HAG

NAME: The Apple HagApple Hag

HOME: The Forest of Death

BACKGROUND:  She was once known as the Maiden of the Forest, but after an evil wizard cursed her, she became known as the Apple Hag. She hates kids, hates most adults, and seems to hate just about everything in the world except for apples. Is she evil or just cranky? No one knows for sure, and everyone’s too scared to ask her.

SPECIAL POWERS: The Apple Hag wields powerful, earthy magic. She controls the Forest of Death and the mighty Chomp Trees. She also has dominion over apples. Apples are totally her thing.

Send us your fan art!

Rafael and I wIMG_2480ould love to post your fan art! If you draw, bake, or create anything related to the Chronicles of Claudette, then please ask your parents to send us a picture!  We’ll post your work here and on our Facebook page.

Email your work to:  helloclaudette@gmail.com.

Claudette Cookies!10575318_803428143070777_6744515491833589797_o

Kirkus Reviews “DRAGONS BEWARE”

Here are a couple fantastic nuggets from the Kirkus review of our book #DRAGONSBEWARE

“This rowdy adventure is sure to be a crowd pleaser.”

“Rafael Rosado’s expressive art, with its heavy lines and cartoonishly exaggerated figures, highlights the humor of Aguirre’s script…The warm palette, courtesy of colorist Novak, helps bring …medieval setting to life.”

Read the whole review HERE.


Character Files: PRINCE HENRI

NAME: Prince Henri

HOME: The Mountain CitadelPrince Henri

BACKGROUND: He’s not the flashiest prince, or the loudest, or the strongest.  But Prince Henri is the coolest prince you could ever hope to meet. He’s cool because he cares.

PRINCELY POWER: He has the power to be helpful and kind, which okay, maybe that sounds kind of  boring, but when it comes down to it, it’s the most important superpower of all.

Character Files: PRINCE SARGENT

NAME: Prince Sargent the SimplePrince Sargent

HOME: The Northwest Kingdom

BACKGROUND: Prince Sargent the Simple is not the most sophisticated of the Seven Lovelorn Princes, however he does love to explore and find new things — usually in his nose or belly button. Back home, he enjoys wrestling alligators and letting the gators win. Every now and then you might find a pearl of simple wisdom uttered from his lips, however you’ll need to wait for a pretty long time.

PRINCELY POWER: He possesses the ability to enjoy the simple things in life, but that’s mainly because those are the only things he understands.

Character Files: PRINCE MARCEL

NAME: Prince Marcel the Musical

Prince Marcel the Musical

HOME: The Northwest Kingdom

BACKGROUND: Prince Marcel the Musical plans to win Marie’s affections in song. He is always singing. Yes, he does have a lovely voice, so it’s not the worst thing in the world to be a lute-playing singing Prince, but his battle skills are sorely lacking. He’s a singer not a fighter and as Claudette would say, “You can’t sing your enemy into submission.”

PRINCELY POWER: Prince Marcel can sing and chew gum at the same time, but whenever he does this, he always gets gum all over the strings of his lute. It’s not pretty. Or musical.


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