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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
The big day is here.

5 Questions – Week 4

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And yessss! Another fantastic week of asking some super talented people, 5 Questions! Check out the interviews that Rafael and I did with them!

Questions for the amazing Sara Varon @ Sharp Read

David Rubin talks Aurora West, Spanish artists & collaborations @ Teen Lit Rocks

Visual literacy, sweaters in VT Summer, and 5 Questions for the Adventures in Cartooning Crew @ Word Spelunking

Cleopatra in Space, Columbus Pizza and obsession with 3 – 5 questions for Mike Maihack @ Bookish

College buddy collaborators, teenaged boats, and hippos. 5 Questions with John Patrick Green at Haunted Orchid

Claudette’s soundttrack, animation discipline & Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! I get to interview my partner and friend Rafael Rosado at Shae has left the Room.

Drawing cars, animation, and Nameless City — 5 Questions with Faith Erin Hicks at Good Books and Good Wine over  

Coming up next week: Dan Santat, Andy Runton, Colleen AF Venable, Jay Hosler, Eleanor Davis, and Ben Hatke



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5 Questions – Week 3

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Wowza – another great week of asking some really talented folks, 5 Questions! Check out the interviews that Rafael and I did with them:

Day jobs, energy buckets & Superman! 5 Questions for Gene Luen Yang @ Finding Wonderland

Research babies,hazards of history, audiobooks! 5 Questions with Nathan Hale @ Kid Lit Frenzy

John Allison Talks webcomics, software, Husker Du and Bad Machinery @ Supernatural Snark 

The challenges of cartooning for science! 5 Questions for Maris Wicks @ Roar Robots

Jenni & Matt Holm on Babymouse, sibling shorthand & long distance storytelling @ The Busy Librarian

Craig Thompson talks Space Dumplins the All-American road trip and bedtime reading @ The Book Rat

Sketching, art school advice and influences with Chris Schweizer

Coming up next week: Sara Varon, David Rubin, Adventures in Cartooning, Mike Maihack, John Patrick,Rafael Rosado (interviewed me me!), and Faith Erin Hicks!!!




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Five Questions — WEEK 2

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Another great week of asking some very talented folk, 5 Questions! Check out the interviews:

5 Questions with Jeffrey Brown @ Ghost in the Machine

5 Questions with Cecil Castellucci @ Winter Haven Books

5 Question with Frank Cammuso @ Reading ABC

Work process, music, and ice cream: 5 Questions with Hope Larson @ the Book Wars

Threatening Tower of books and more! 5 Questions with Eric Orchard @ Alice Marvels

5 Questions with Jellaby author Kean Soo @ Genuine Cupcakes

Nick Magazine, space, milkshakes, kids’ comics 5 Questions with Dave Roman @ the Frog Queen!

Coming up this week: Gene Luen Yang, Nathan Hale, John Allison, Maris Wicks,
Jenni and Matt Holm, Craig Thompson, and Chris Schweizer!













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ICYMI: Dragon Bewares Videos!

VIDEO 1: Claudette is back!

VIDEO 2: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Dragons?

VIDEO 3: What Should be Claudette’s Battle Cry?

VIDEO 4: What’s do you like about dragons?

VIDEO 5: How would you fight a dragon?

Five Questions — WEEK 1

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Whadda week! Rafael and I got to ask a lot of great, talented people 5 Questions!  Check out the interviews…

 5 Questions with Cece Bell at Sturdy for Common Things






5 Questions with Kazu Kibuishi @ Geek Dad

5 Questions with Joey Weiser @ The Brain Lair





5 Questions with James Kochalka @ Bumbles and Fairy-Tales





5 Questions with Mariko Tamaki @ A Book and a Latte






And Rafael interviewed this guy I know….

5 Questions with Jorge Aguirre at the Windy Pages





5 Questions with Luke Pearson at Mr. Schu Reads






Coming up this week: Jeffrey Brown, Cecil Castellucci, Frank Cammuso, Hope Larson, Eric Orchard, Kean Soo, and Dave Roman!!!













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May is National Mobility Awareness Month!

May is National Mobility Awareness Month.  You can learn more HERE.

And here’s Augustine the Blacksmith – GOING MOBILE!

Augustine in Action




Five Questions with Kids Comics Authors

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It’s not every day that you get to do a Q&A with some of the best creators of kids content out there. In celebration of Children’s Book Week, Rafael and I were thrilled to get to pose 5 questions to some folks who are working at the top of their game and doing some amazing work. It’s the blog tour of all blog tours.

So check out the tour dates and postings throughout April and May. Right HERE

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