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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
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Character Files: PRINCE MARCEL

NAME: Prince Marcel the Musical

Prince Marcel the Musical

HOME: The Northwest Kingdom

BACKGROUND: Prince Marcel the Musical plans to win Marie’s affections in song. He is always singing. Yes, he does have a lovely voice, so it’s not the worst thing in the world to be a lute-playing singing Prince, but his battle skills are sorely lacking. He’s a singer not a fighter and as Claudette would say, “You can’t sing your enemy into submission.”

PRINCELY POWER: Prince Marcel can sing and chew gum at the same time, but whenever he does this, he always gets gum all over the strings of his lute. It’s not pretty. Or musical.


Princes Victor and Stephane

NAMES: Prince Victor the Vain Prince Stephane the Stumbler

HOME: The Great Lakes Kingdom

BACKGROUND: Prince Victor the Vain is worried that Marie won’t notice him if his pores get clogged so he has a very strict beauty regime, which requires exfoliating his face every morning. He is also very proud of how well he brushes his teeth. Prince Stephane the Stumbler admires his well-groomed twin brother for his looks and his ability to not trip while crossing the room. Stephane keeps the Royal Nurse very busy.

PRINCELY POWER: Prince Victor the Vain has the power to look good under any circumstances, even the near-fatal kind of circumstances. Prince Stephane the Stumbler has the power to trip on air.  And he makes it look so easy.

Character Files: “PRINCE SAVOY”

NAME: Prince Savoy the Sour Prince Savoy

HOME: The Desert Kingdom

BACKGROUND: Prince Savoy the Sour is the grumpiest of the Seven Lovelorn Princes. His favorite hobby is complaining. His father, the King, forced him to join the other Princes to compete for Marie’s attention, but Prince Savoy would rather be home in his comfy castle, in his comfy bed, wearing his comfy pajamas. He likes comfy. Adventure is not comfy. Danger is not comfy. Dragons are not comfy.

PRINCELY POWER: Ability to make an optimist cry.

Character Files: “PRINCE BRUNO”

NAME: Prince Bruno the BrawnyBruno

HOME: The Ice Floes

BACKGROUND: Prince Brawny is the brawniest of the Seven Lovelorn Princes who seek Marie’s attention. He hails from a far-flung, chilly and icy kingdom of islands called the Ice Floes. He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is brave and pretty nice as far as princes go. He loves his yak hat. He thinks it’s both fashionable and practical. The yak hat makes him proud.

PRINCELY POWER: He possesses the strength to juggle other Princes up in the air, but not the wisdom to know that princes don’t like to be juggled.

Claudette Free Comic Book Day with CBLDF

This May! Claudette and Friends will appear in CBLDF’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comic. Pick it up at your local comic book store for Free! CBLDF has been defending our right to read and write comics and even get occasionally flambéed by dragons for over 25 years. Also in the comic, are other creators we love: Andi Watson, Gene Yang, George O’Connor, Dan Parent, Larry Marder, Watson, Sonny Liew, O’Connor, Parent, and Marder. You can even DOWNLOAD a preview.

Defend Comics

Defend Comics

7 Lovelorn Princes from DRAGONS BEWARE

We call these guys the Seven Lovelorn Princes. In Dragons Beware, they each compete for the hand of Marie, and get caught up in the adventure. They are from left to right, Prince Bruno the Brawny; Prince Marcel the Musical; Prince Sargent the Simple; Prince Savoy the Sour; Prince Victor the Vain and his brother Stephane the Stumbler; and Prince Henri.

The Lovelorn Princes Make a ladder for Claudette

Prince Henri the Nice




Our great publishers, FIRST SECOND BOOKS just announced their Spring offerings, including our second book, DRAGONS BEWARE.  This May!



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