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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
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VIDEO 3: What should be Claudette’s Battle Cry?

Many thanks to the Brain Lair for posting Video #3: What Should be Claudette’s Battle Cry. You can read about it HERE.



Character Files: ZUBAIR

NAME: Zubair

HOME: Mont Petit Pierrezubair leap

BACKGROUND: Zubair is a great warrior and a skilled blacksmith-in-training. There’s a long story about how he first met Augustine the Blacksmith. Zubair was fleeing his home kingdom (that’s another long story) when he came upon Augustine’s battered body just after he had lost a great battle against Azra the Dragon. Zubair carried Augustine for two days all the way back to Mont Petit Pierre, thus saving Augustine’s life. Zubair thinks of Augustine, Claudette, and Gaston as family. The feeling is mutual.

SPECIAL POWERS: Zubair is the greatest warrior in the Seven Kingdoms. But he doesn’t go around bragging about it. Zubair knows it and his mentor, Augustine, knows it, and that’s good enough for him.

VIDEO: 2: “What’s Your Favorite Thing About Claudette?”

Thanks to Colby Sharp for hosting our DRAGONS BEWARE VIDEO2: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Claudette?”

This one is lots of fun!



Daily Napkins Featuring Claudette and Valiant

Rafael and I are BIG fans of Nina Levy’s work at Daily Napkins. Here are really cool drawings Nina did on napkins for her kids’ lunch featuring Claudette and Valiant…Daily Napkin Claudete and Valiant
Daily Napkin Have a Brave Lunch Daily Napkin Vaiant and Battle Pug Daily Napkin Valiant Says Daily Napkin Valiant Teeth


“Sit back, relax, and get ready to smile for fifty-five seconds! ” Mr. Schu Reads
Our first video for DRAGONS BEWARE is up! Thank you, Mr. Schu.


Character Files: THE MARQUIS & LADY LUCY

NAME: The Marquis & Lady LucyMarquis and Lady Lucy

HOME: Mont Petit Pierre

BACKGROUND: The Marquis is the un-elected leader of the town of Mont Petit Pierre. He is the thirty-third marquis of the town. His father, was #32. He likes power and wealth. His wife is Lady Lucy, and when she was younger, she dreamt of becoming a princess. That didn’t work out and so now she hopes that her daughter Marie will fulfill her childhood dreams.

SPECIAL POWERS: The Marquis has the power to turn any event (good or bad) into a business opportunity. Lady Lucy has the ability to rain on any parade. Not literally, but it might as well be raining by the time she’s done with something.

DRAGONS BEWARE in French – This June

from Akileos “Extrait de l’album “Les Chroniques de Claudette, T.2 – Chasseuse de dragons” de Jorge Aguirre et Rafael Rosado, à paraître en juin 2015.

Extracted from the album ‘ the chronicles of claudette, t. 2 – hunter of dragons of Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado, to be published in june 2015.”11091527_10153109867490781_3512137907854331245_n

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