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Lamby Life is Here! By Novak


The super-talented colorist of our books (and our pal), JOHN NOVAK has come out with an adorable, fun new comic.

Introducing Lamby Life! A Mini Comic by John Novak 

Astute readers may remember the lambies from their brief cameo on this blog several years ago, getting a Lamby tutorial on coloring from John’s daughter Maggie. 

Now you can catch up on the lambies’ adventures in a family-produced mini comic, Lamby Life!  Learn how to make their friend Pablo’s famously delicious concoction, a “Cizzy Joe”! Marvel at the moves they learned at ninja camp! Get inspired by just how many accessories you can make out of tissues! 

John and Maggie will be offering another coloring tutorial this summer at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival, along with other awesome activities like a quick draw with Rafael and Amelia Rosado, a digital painting demonstration with Kazu Kibuishi, signings by Cece Bell, Tom Angleberger, Ben Hatke, Nathan Hale, Zack Giallongo, and tons of other great comic creators.

Designs for book 2!

We’re hard at work on the sequel to Giants Beware! (tentatively titled Belly Of The Beast), and wanted to share a few studies and designs for some new characters.


These seven lovelorn princes show up in Mon Petit Pierre to court Marie. Marie has no interest in them, of course, but her mom has different plans for her.


The kids make a human staircase for Claudette and Valiant.

We introduce an army of gargoyles in book 2.  These sketches are based on reference from medieval cathedrals. ImageImageImage

The final designs for the book will be a bit simpler and probably less scary. I’ll post more designs soon, including Azra the dragon and her offspring!

Sneak Peak!

Here’s a short excerpt from pages 35-39 of our book. In which Claudette convinces Marie and Gaston to go with her to kill the evil, rotten giant CLICK HERE ->

The Cover!

This fabulous cover art for GIANTS BEWARE! by Rafael and cover design by the talented Colleen AF Venable at First Second Books and the color by the very colorful John Novak.

So what’s GIANTS BEWARE! about anyway?

“Claudette’s fondest wish is to slay a giant. But her village is so safe and quiet! What’s a future giant slayer to do? With her best friend Marie (an aspiring princess), and her brother Gaston (a pastry-chef-to-be), Claudette embarks on a super-secret quest to find a giant—without parental permission. Can they find and defeat the giant before their parents find them and drag them back home?

Giants Beware! offers up a wondrous, self-contained world in the tradition of the very best of Pixar. Claudette and her friends will have you laughing out loud from page one.”

from Macmillan




You are now entering the world of Claudette, Gaston, and Marie (and Rafael and Jorge)!

Hello! — This is the blog for Rafael Rosado and me (Jorge Aguirre).  We’re the creators of GIANTS BEWARE! A graphic novel from First Second Books, which will be published on April 10, 2012.  Rafael and I are met waaaay back at  The Ohio State University.*  Rafael is the artist; I’m the writer, and we worked on the story together.

Why “CHRONICLES OF CLAUDETTE” ? Well, hopefully GIANTS BEWARE! is the first book in a series, but more on that later.  If you want to know something more about us, you can check out About Us.

— Jorge

* While, Raf and I will always cheer for our hometown team, the Mighty Ohio State Buckeyes, don’t ask us too much about football or else you’ll quickly discover how little we know about it. (You can, however, ask Jorge about buffalo wings.  A central Ohio delicacy of which I am a devotee).

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