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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
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Build Your Own Monster

Looking to make a monster for your comic book, graphic novel, or story? Here are some  things to keep in mind from Jorge and Rafael with a special sneak peek at Book 3 Monsters.

CXC and SOL-CON – Rafael & Jorge in Columbus, OH!

This weekend in Columbus Rafael and I will be at CXC – Cartoon Crossroads Columbus and Sol-Con: The Brown + Black Comix Expo. Should be a great time back in my hometown. Here’s our schedule…


5:30PM-7:30PM Multicultural Center Alonso Family Room, RECEPTION



10:30-11:45AM | Room 110B Hale Hall – YOUTH CORNER WORKSHOP: So you Want to be a Comic Book Author! With Jorge Aguirre (writer) and Rafael Rosado (artist) of Giants Beware & Dragons Beware.


Noon-1PM | MLK JR. Room, Hale Hall – BROWN/BLACK ARTISTS IN CONVERSATION: Rafael Rosado and David Walker with John Jenningsand Rico Padilla as facilitators.


1:30 PM – 2:00  CXC: Talk And Teach Four: Rafael Rosado – The veteran cartoonist’s cartoonist will speak on the subject of developing and maintaining craft.
Billy Ireland Cartoon Library And Museum Will Eisner Seminar Room.


2:30PM-3:45PM |  Cartoon Research Library, Sullivant Hall FEATURED PRESENTATION – Lalo Alcaraz of La Cucaracha, Migra Mouse, and the TV animation show, Bordertown in conversation with Rafael Rosado



I’m not positive yet what the signing books schedule be but Rafael will be running a table at Sol-Con and there will be books at CXC. Check the websites later this week.

On Saturday, we’ll also be  popping in and out of the SOL-CON EXPO. MLK JR. Room, Hale Hall: 9:30AM-3:30PM and the:

CXC Comics Exposition
Buy new comics, meet exhibiting professionals, and enjoy a generally festive atmosphere celebrating all things comics and Columbus.
The Cultural Arts Center, Main Room, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

See you in Columbus!


“Interesting. Very interesting.”

A friend posted a Moth Radio piece from the great author, Neil Gaiman. He tells a story about A FATHER’S PRIDE. Give it a listen it’s a really moving story. 

Gaiman’s story reminded me so much of my own late father. He was a doctor and was worried about my choice to become a writer. Our first book, GIANTS BEWARE came out around the same time, my papi was getting very sick with cancer and he would eventually pass away a few months later.


My papi was old school, and was never very quick with the compliment.

I remember years ago, over dinner, we were talking about my career and he said, “Well, I guess leaving law school was not as big a mistake as I thought.”   That was his way of offering a compliment, and of course I took it.

IMAG1200 2

In May of 2012, I flew into Columbus to see my sick dad and do a GIANTS BEWARE book event with Rafael Rosado and our colorist John Novak at

Cover to Cover .  When I asked my dad if he wanted to go to the event, he just said, “It sounds interesting.”

@ Cover to Cover Event, Columbus Ohio

@ Cover to Cover Event, Columbus Ohio

It took some work getting him there, but we went and the event was amazing.  It was packed.  Old friends from Columbus were there, college professors, family friends.  My dad was in the front row watching with his usual inscrutable expression.  It was the first time my dad had been at an event for one of my creative endeavors.  He got to see kids and adults who had read our book, enjoyed it, and were happy to have us sign their books.  He got to see the joy our book was bringing people.

Afterwards, I asked him what he thought of the event.  “It was interesting,”  he said.  I went fishing for a compliment,  “But what did you think of all those people there, for our book?  Neat, huh?”  He responded.  “Yes, it was interesting.”   I pushed him even further,  “But papi, isn’t it pretty cool to see a book your son wrote, out in the world and people seem to like it?”  He thought about it for a moment and said, “It was VERY interesting.”  For him, that was high praise, and I took it.

(Thanks to Darlene Rosado and Chip Kocel for the photos)

GOLDIE & BEAR – a new animated series from Jorge & Disney Junior

Hi, everyone. This is Jorge. When I’m not writing graphic novels with Rafael, I’m working in kids TV, and a new show of mine is coming to Disney Junior.

Ever wonder what happened after Goldilocks ate Little Bear’s porridge and broke his chair? Find out on a new show from Disney Junior I created with Rick Gitelson with the catchiest kids music you’ve ever heard from the amazing Rob Cantor, (seriously, no joke, you’ll be singing these songs all day), some really beautiful animation from NYC’s own, Milk Barn Animation directed by the talented Chris Gilligan, and some of the best voice actors in the business!

You can watch the show now on the WATCH DISNEY JUNIOR APP, and it will air on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior in November.

How do you say, “Jorge Aguirre” ?

Say My Name?

So maybe I have a difficult name to pronounce. I get a lot of creative pronunciations and frankly I’ll answer to just about anything, but there are two correct ways to say my name. Both are good by me:

Version 1: Classic Style. That’s saying my name in Spanish the way my family would.

Version 2: Midwest Style is how my friends in Ohio would pronounce it. Kind of like, “HOR-HEY AH-GEARY”

Here are some folks saying my name Classic and Midwest Styles.

CLASSIC STYLE: “Jorge Aguirre”

MIDWEST STYLE: “Jorge Aguirre”

Learn all of our secrets!

Learn all of our secrets! Rafael and I get interviewed by Matthew Winner for Busy Librarian podcast. We talk about a lot of things we haven’t talked about before. Check it out HERE.



JORGE: It’s my pleasure to introduce our guest blogger, John Novak. He’s our amazing, talented friend and the Colorist of Giants Beware and Dragons Beware. You can see more of his work here.


Hi Everyone

Have you ever wanted to “freeze” someone in amber? First, what is amber? It is:

“fossilized tree resin (not sap),” usually a deep gold color. Now the fun part – how to trap someone in amber!

Step 1: Blast them with your magic staff

Just kidding! It is not as exciting, but I want to tell you about how I colored some of Dragons Beware!

For example, take this panel on p. 65 – this is what Rafael sent me. The kids come across Zubair who’s been magically encased in amber.


I start with the background – a nice sky blue.


Then I fill in the amber.


Fill the speech bubbles with white. 


Color the characters.


Now I feel like the amber needs some detail so it doesn’t just look like some irregular, yellow surfboard, so I add some shading (darker color) and highlights (lighter color) to the amber.


Leo and the kids don’t look separate enough from the amber and Zubair. They appear to be right up next to it, so I darken them to add contrast.


Finally, I really want to give the reader the feeling that Zubair is encased deep in the amber. I replace the black of the outlines with red and gold.


And voila! There you go – you’ve trapped someone in amber.


For more info on the amazing Novak check out his website.

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