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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
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Lamby Life is Here! By Novak


The super-talented colorist of our books (and our pal), JOHN NOVAK has come out with an adorable, fun new comic.

Introducing Lamby Life! A Mini Comic by John Novak 

Astute readers may remember the lambies from their brief cameo on this blog several years ago, getting a Lamby tutorial on coloring from John’s daughter Maggie. 

Now you can catch up on the lambies’ adventures in a family-produced mini comic, Lamby Life!  Learn how to make their friend Pablo’s famously delicious concoction, a “Cizzy Joe”! Marvel at the moves they learned at ninja camp! Get inspired by just how many accessories you can make out of tissues! 

John and Maggie will be offering another coloring tutorial this summer at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival, along with other awesome activities like a quick draw with Rafael and Amelia Rosado, a digital painting demonstration with Kazu Kibuishi, signings by Cece Bell, Tom Angleberger, Ben Hatke, Nathan Hale, Zack Giallongo, and tons of other great comic creators.


Hello, Teachers, Librarians, and Friends!

Our wonderful publisher, FIRST SECOND BOOKS just put out a FREE teachers’ guide called UNDERSTANDING AND EXPLORING THE MIDDLE-AGED GRAPHIC NOVEL. There some great information here on how to use graphic novels in your classroom.

Check out the First Second middle-grade graphic novel Teacher’s Guide Here!

first second teaching guide


Claudette Goes to India!

Last night, I had fun SKYPING with a group of 4th and 5th Graders in Hyderabad, India. We talked about GIANTS BEWARE, DRAGONS BEWARE, and the not-yet-out-in-the-world, MONSTERS BEWARE. They had a lot of questions about writing and one student asked if I had ever won award. I have not. But I told them if they would give me an award for Best American Comic Book Writer Appearing Today In India that I would accept that.  One of their teachers wrote a post about our chat:

“The book week continues with even more exciting things..!! Students from grades 4 and 5 had a Skype conversation with Jorge Aguirre – author of ‘Giants Beware’ and ‘Dragons Beware’…” READ MORE

5th grade Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad 4th grade Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad


Happy Tenth Birthday, First Second!

“In my home, we dove feet first into graphic novels when the kids first started reading on their own. Even before that, our home had many graphic novels in the bookshelves — everything from Ki…”

Source: Happy Tenth Birthday, First Second!

If you haven’t read our books yet…

Hi, this is Jorge. I ran across this review of DRAGONS BEWARE from The Book Rat and I loved it. Not because it was a positive review (though, thanks for that, Misty!) but because I thought the reviewer encapsulated a lot of what Rafael and I are going for.  ‘Goofy’ ‘Silly’ ‘Fun’ and themes about ‘knowing who you are.’ We try to make books that kids will love and adults will enjoy. So if you haven’t read our books yet, please check out these videos…

And here is Misty’s review of GIANTS BEWARE (About 5:40 in)

Build Your Own Monster

Looking to make a monster for your comic book, graphic novel, or story? Here are some  things to keep in mind from Jorge and Rafael with a special sneak peek at Book 3 Monsters.

CXC and SOL-CON – Rafael & Jorge in Columbus, OH!

This weekend in Columbus Rafael and I will be at CXC – Cartoon Crossroads Columbus and Sol-Con: The Brown + Black Comix Expo. Should be a great time back in my hometown. Here’s our schedule…


5:30PM-7:30PM Multicultural Center Alonso Family Room, RECEPTION



10:30-11:45AM | Room 110B Hale Hall – YOUTH CORNER WORKSHOP: So you Want to be a Comic Book Author! With Jorge Aguirre (writer) and Rafael Rosado (artist) of Giants Beware & Dragons Beware.


Noon-1PM | MLK JR. Room, Hale Hall – BROWN/BLACK ARTISTS IN CONVERSATION: Rafael Rosado and David Walker with John Jenningsand Rico Padilla as facilitators.


1:30 PM – 2:00  CXC: Talk And Teach Four: Rafael Rosado – The veteran cartoonist’s cartoonist will speak on the subject of developing and maintaining craft.
Billy Ireland Cartoon Library And Museum Will Eisner Seminar Room.


2:30PM-3:45PM |  Cartoon Research Library, Sullivant Hall FEATURED PRESENTATION – Lalo Alcaraz of La Cucaracha, Migra Mouse, and the TV animation show, Bordertown in conversation with Rafael Rosado



I’m not positive yet what the signing books schedule be but Rafael will be running a table at Sol-Con and there will be books at CXC. Check the websites later this week.

On Saturday, we’ll also be  popping in and out of the SOL-CON EXPO. MLK JR. Room, Hale Hall: 9:30AM-3:30PM and the:

CXC Comics Exposition
Buy new comics, meet exhibiting professionals, and enjoy a generally festive atmosphere celebrating all things comics and Columbus.
The Cultural Arts Center, Main Room, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

See you in Columbus!


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