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Book 2: “Dragons Beware”

Available now at your local book or comic store and online!



  1. John says:

    My three adventurers are looking forward to book 2!

  2. Marcus says:

    hi i’m Marcus (almost 8 years old). i loved the first book because it was fun! Can’t wait for book 2. I hope Gaston learns to make really good swords.

  3. Michelle Cohen says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE GIANTS BEWARE… My 3rd Grader is a serious reader. He liked this one so much that he read it twice in one day and then begged to read it to me the next day. Looking forward to the next one!!! Thanks Rosado and Aguirre. Not easy getting getting this ones attention. BRING ON THE DRAGONS

  4. SmashBros101 says:

    Giants beware is amazing

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