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Parlez-vous français?

Parlez-vous français?

Scene from a Parisian Comic Book Store. A friend of ours holds up a copy of Giants Beware from the shelves of a comic book store in Paris. Yay, our book is now available in French! “Chasseuse de geants” — Which I think translates as Hunter of Giants.


Giants Beware! to be featured in May’s Sharp-Schu Book Club Meeting!

We’re honored and delighted to be the featured book and authors (along with Matthew Cordell) for this month’s Sharp-Schu Book Club meeting on Twitter. Librarians extraordinaire John Schumacher and Colby Sharp host this monthly virtual gathering where librarians and fans get to interact with authors in real time. It’s a really cool thing!

The meeting takes place May 21st, starting at 7:00 pm, CST time.  For details on how to participate visit the Watch. Connect.Read blog :


Hope to see you there!


Giants Beware is one year old today!

That’s right, our baby is one year old today! It’s been an amazing year. We’ve made some new friends, met a lot of fans, learned a lot. And it’s been very gratifying to see children love our characters as much as we do, if not more!

The great John Schumaker, a champion of children’s literature and graphic novels has posted an interview with us on his Watch.Connect.Read blog to help us celebrate the anniversary.


He’s also doing a book giveaway!

Here’s a little something I found the other day: what might be the very first drawing  of what would become our tempestuous redhead. I’m guessing it goes back to the mid-nineties.


Now let’s go have some birthday cake!

The very first drawings…

I recently came across some very early sketches of Claudette and the gang. I pictured them more as street urchins. This was way before we’d figured out the story.

Claudette was called Penelope, and Gaston was Henry.

GIANTS BEWARE! (Book trailer)

Here’s the book trailer for GIANTS BEWARE!

Jeff Smith & Doug TenNapel On Giants Beware!

Here are a couple quotes about our book from comic creators we love:

“Fast, fun, and joyous to look at! GIANTS BEWARE! is equal parts Dennis the Menace, Little Lu Lu, and Harry Potter!”
— JEFF SMITH(Bone, Rasl)

“Rafael and Jorge have created a great work not just enjoyed by me, but also by my children. There is strong character work, all wrapped up in a keeps-you-guessing ironic story.”

— DOUG TENNAPEL, creator of Earthworm JimGhostopolis

Sneak Peak!

Here’s a short excerpt from pages 35-39 of our book. In which Claudette convinces Marie and Gaston to go with her to kill the evil, rotten giant CLICK HERE ->

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