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Character Files: “PRINCE SAVOY”

NAME: Prince Savoy the Sour Prince Savoy

HOME: The Desert Kingdom

BACKGROUND: Prince Savoy the Sour is the grumpiest of the Seven Lovelorn Princes. His favorite hobby is complaining. His father, the King, forced him to join the other Princes to compete for Marie’s attention, but Prince Savoy would rather be home in his comfy castle, in his comfy bed, wearing his comfy pajamas. He likes comfy. Adventure is not comfy. Danger is not comfy. Dragons are not comfy.

PRINCELY POWER: Ability to make an optimist cry.

Character Files: “PRINCE BRUNO”

NAME: Prince Bruno the BrawnyBruno

HOME: The Ice Floes

BACKGROUND: Prince Brawny is the brawniest of the Seven Lovelorn Princes who seek Marie’s attention. He hails from a far-flung, chilly and icy kingdom of islands called the Ice Floes. He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is brave and pretty nice as far as princes go. He loves his yak hat. He thinks it’s both fashionable and practical. The yak hat makes him proud.

PRINCELY POWER: He possesses the strength to juggle other Princes up in the air, but not the wisdom to know that princes don’t like to be juggled.

7 Lovelorn Princes from DRAGONS BEWARE

We call these guys the Seven Lovelorn Princes. In Dragons Beware, they each compete for the hand of Marie, and get caught up in the adventure. They are from left to right, Prince Bruno the Brawny; Prince Marcel the Musical; Prince Sargent the Simple; Prince Savoy the Sour; Prince Victor the Vain and his brother Stephane the Stumbler; and Prince Henri.

The Lovelorn Princes Make a ladder for Claudette

Prince Henri the Nice





Our great publishers, FIRST SECOND BOOKS just announced their Spring offerings, including our second book, DRAGONS BEWARE.  This May!


Geek Dad’s Exclusive Cover Reveal of Book 2

Rafael and I are thrilled to be able to announce a few things…

1) Book 2 will be called DRAGONS BEWARE!

2) Want to see the awesome cover – drawn by Rafael, colored by John Novak, and put together by Colleen AF Venable? Geek Dad has an exclusive cover real. You can go here.  (Thanks, Jonathan H. Liu for the nice words about our first book).

3) It will be out in Spring 2015.

4) We are currently working on book 3.

Talk soon!

Signed, Sealed, and Almost Delivered….







Sick boy with moose cap next to me. Using him as desk for pages

When we last checked in… Rafael was finishing the art (which looks beautiful) This week it was my turn. I had to do a pass at all the lettering and do my last pass at rewriting before turning it into First Second. The catch? I have a sick son at home today (virus + strep throat = poor guy). And so as he napped (with a bucket for vomit nearby and chicken and rice soup cooking in the kitchen) I finished my last pass at the words of CLAUDETTE BOOK 2 with the printed out pages on top of my boy, the computer on my lap, and poised to grab the vomit bucket at any stirring. *

Okay, the words are done. The picture are done. And now it’s time for the world’s greatest colorist to take his turn. John Novak. It’s your turn.

* Funny enough, there was no vomit. The kid just looked like he was going to. He looks better now.

Home Stretch for Book 2!!!


Raf gets some emotional support and lemonade from his daughters before beginning to ink the last pages of Book 2. It’s been a looong process.

This week, Rafael finished inking Book 2.  He’s been working like crazy: nights, weekends, days, in the car. (Okay maybe not in the car, but let’s just say he hasn’t put down his Cintiq pen in very long time). Our tentative title is : CHRONICLES OF CLAUDETTE: BELLY OF THE BEAST.  His family has been very patient with him (and us)! (Thanks, D&A&A!).


This is the very last page that Rafael inked, which in the book, is actually the first page of the book.

Woo-hoo! It’s been a lot of work, but so worth it. We can’t wait to share the new book with our readers but it will still be about awhile before it hits the shelves, probably Spring 2015.  John Novak is still coloring the pages with beautiful color. I’m still working on lettering and doing a little rewriting as I go. Then the book goes to the First Second editorial and design team, and it still has to get printed and such. The good news is we’ve already begun work on Book 3, so there won’t be as much time between the next two books!


Rafael starts to ink the last few pages of the book.

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