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Character Files: LEO THE SENTRY

NAME: Leo The Sentry

HOME: Mont Petit Pierre (Unfortunately for him)Leo

BACKGROUND: Leo the Sentry has a problem. He can’t stand his job. His dream is to travel and see the world — not stand outside the town’s fortress wall for 12 hours a day keeping watch. Can you imagine a more boring job? But Leo is about to learn to be careful what you wish for because sometimes dreams come true. Frighteningly true!

SPECIAL POWERS: Leo has the power to stand still for 12 hours keeping watch without ever going to the bathroom, eating, or napping. While he doesn’t like to do this, he is quite good at it.




NAME: The River King and Prince Fishface

HOME: Mad River

BACKGROUND: Deep in the wilderness, past the Forest of Death, but before you reach Giant’s Peak is the Mad River. Many a man and woman have tried to cross the Mad River, only to be swept away in its brutal currents. Mad River is the home to the River King, his son Prince Fishface, the fearsome Barry the Barracuda, and other creatures. Claudette and her friends fought the River King the first time they met, but that conflict is just water under the bridge, and they’re all pals now. But if you ever meet him, remember the River King’s favorite food is pickled herring. You better bring him some.

SPECIAL POWERS: The River King has dominion over all the rivers. (Not the sea – the seas are controlled by his first ex-wife the Sea Hag, but that’s another story for another time). The King can change his shape using water from his river. Prince Fishface has the power to make his fish scales incredibly shiny. In the right light, he can glimmer.


Character Files: ZUBAIR

NAME: Zubair

HOME: Mont Petit Pierrezubair leap

BACKGROUND: Zubair is a great warrior and a skilled blacksmith-in-training. There’s a long story about how he first met Augustine the Blacksmith. Zubair was fleeing his home kingdom (that’s another long story) when he came upon Augustine’s battered body just after he had lost a great battle against Azra the Dragon. Zubair carried Augustine for two days all the way back to Mont Petit Pierre, thus saving Augustine’s life. Zubair thinks of Augustine, Claudette, and Gaston as family. The feeling is mutual.

SPECIAL POWERS: Zubair is the greatest warrior in the Seven Kingdoms. But he doesn’t go around bragging about it. Zubair knows it and his mentor, Augustine, knows it, and that’s good enough for him.

Character Files: THE MARQUIS & LADY LUCY

NAME: The Marquis & Lady LucyMarquis and Lady Lucy

HOME: Mont Petit Pierre

BACKGROUND: The Marquis is the un-elected leader of the town of Mont Petit Pierre. He is the thirty-third marquis of the town. His father, was #32. He likes power and wealth. His wife is Lady Lucy, and when she was younger, she dreamt of becoming a princess. That didn’t work out and so now she hopes that her daughter Marie will fulfill her childhood dreams.

SPECIAL POWERS: The Marquis has the power to turn any event (good or bad) into a business opportunity. Lady Lucy has the ability to rain on any parade. Not literally, but it might as well be raining by the time she’s done with something.

Character Files: THE APPLE HAG

NAME: The Apple HagApple Hag

HOME: The Forest of Death

BACKGROUND:  She was once known as the Maiden of the Forest, but after an evil wizard cursed her, she became known as the Apple Hag. She hates kids, hates most adults, and seems to hate just about everything in the world except for apples. Is she evil or just cranky? No one knows for sure, and everyone’s too scared to ask her.

SPECIAL POWERS: The Apple Hag wields powerful, earthy magic. She controls the Forest of Death and the mighty Chomp Trees. She also has dominion over apples. Apples are totally her thing.

Character Files: PRINCE HENRI

NAME: Prince Henri

HOME: The Mountain CitadelPrince Henri

BACKGROUND: He’s not the flashiest prince, or the loudest, or the strongest.  But Prince Henri is the coolest prince you could ever hope to meet. He’s cool because he cares.

PRINCELY POWER: He has the power to be helpful and kind, which okay, maybe that sounds kind of  boring, but when it comes down to it, it’s the most important superpower of all.

Character Files: PRINCE SARGENT

NAME: Prince Sargent the SimplePrince Sargent

HOME: The Northwest Kingdom

BACKGROUND: Prince Sargent the Simple is not the most sophisticated of the Seven Lovelorn Princes, however he does love to explore and find new things — usually in his nose or belly button. Back home, he enjoys wrestling alligators and letting the gators win. Every now and then you might find a pearl of simple wisdom uttered from his lips, however you’ll need to wait for a pretty long time.

PRINCELY POWER: He possesses the ability to enjoy the simple things in life, but that’s mainly because those are the only things he understands.

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