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Dragons Beware!

Pre-Order Today!

"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
The big day is here.

Hi Everyone, Jorge here. I wrote a Claudette short story, which is a prequel to MONSTER BEWARE (First Second Books/Macmillan). IT’S FREE!

How did Claudette help Mont Petit Pierre end its lifetime ban from the Warrior Games? How did the Marquis convince the Games Tribunal to let his town host the games? Find out in:


No Guts, No Glory, No Gelato,” takes place right before the events of MONSTERS BEWARE. This is a free download. Thank you, Rafael for the fantastic cover

Download the PDF version and print it or load it on your Kindle or any other reading device or read it on your computer. Download it here:

Monster Beware Prequel 2-26-18

I hope you enjoy it!


They were imprisoned in the dungeon three days ago. This would never have happened if it not for the Warrior Games. And like so many things that went wrong, their current predicament was Claudette’s fault. READ MORE…



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