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Claudette Sequel, Texas, and Target Audiences

Dragons Beware!

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"Dragons Beware"May 12th, 2015
The big day is here.

Right before super-storm Sandy hit the East coast, I finished writing the first draft of Book 2 in the adventures of Claudette.  Rafael and I have been working out the story for a long time now, and he’s already started drawing the pages. (His pages look great — stay tuned!).

The script for book 2 in Claudette’s adventures

I love writing for Claudette and her friends. It’s so much fun.  Now that we have our post-storm electricity back and the kids are back in school,  it’s time to rewrite.  I re-write a lot, especially once I see Rafael’s drawings and we add more gags, and make cuts.

In other news, did you know I love Texas? I have lots of great memories from that state.  After college, I drove from
Indianapolis to Managua, Nicaragua with Pastors for Peace.  On the way, we stopped for in San Antonio for a few days to get supplies before the long trip to Nicaragua.  I’ll never forget that experience. Years later, I premiered my first short film at the San Antonio CineFestival, and even got an award for Best First Work.  And about five years ago, I found myself in Hallettsville, Texas for the wedding of one of my oldest friends and one of the fiercest thunderstorms I’ve ever witnessed. Great times!  And now…

Rafael and I are thrilled that the Texas Library Association has nominated GIANTS BEWARE for a Bluebonnet Award for young readers.  Thank you TLA and thank you, Texas!

Finally, here’s an interesting post from Gina, the publicist of our publisher,  First Second Books, about Target Audiences.  Rafael and I weren’t sure who our target audience was when we were working on GIANTS BEWARE. We just knew we wanted to create something we would enjoy.  In retrospect, I think that means that Rafael and I probably have the same sensibilities as lots of kids. Which is, kind of awesome.

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